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One Page Web Design

Simple and cost efficient one page websites made only with the features you need.

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Small is beautiful

You don’t need an enourmous website that is loaded with pages that’s time consuming to maintain and unnecessarily expensive. A single page website may be all you need to provide your key information, drive sales and enhance your business’s credibility and profile.

A key advantage that a small enterprise has over a larger more established business is its size. Small is beautiful but more importantly small is AGILE. When a business needs to change course or ‘pivot’ and respond to a changing market the larger that organisation is the harder and more costly it becomes to turn that ship around. It has a bigger workforce to retrain or perhaps more stock to repackage and always more marketing materials to redesign. This is where a smaller venture (and a smaller website) has the advantage, it can respond more quickly to change as it has less changes to make, spending less time and money to do so.

It’s advantages like these that make the internet more of a level playingfield (or, if you prefer, battleground) that gives new enterprise and small business a better chance of competing with the bigger but less responsive competition.

Previous clients...

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louie the entertainer

Services provided include: 

  • Website design
  • Photography
  • Logo and Branding
  • Copy-writing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)


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Services provided include: 

  • Website design
  • Logo
  • Copy-writing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)


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Services provided include: 

  • Website design
  • Logo and Branding
  • Copy-writing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)


Getting started is simple

We send you a short questionnaire which let’s us know your hopes, fears and basic overall vision for your website and what you need it to do. We get back to you as soon as we can with a general floorplan for your website and a number of budget options for you to consider. Once we get the green light we get to work and build your dream home on the virtual highstreet and, after any suggested changes, we debut your new website, and business, on the world wide web, where everyone can finally find you!

Why choose us?

Supporting new and developing business and enterprise projects for over fifteen years I understand that small budgets need big delivery and excellent return on investment. I know all about the struggles and limitations of a fledgling enterprise but more importantly I know the incredible potential when a business embraces an online strategy.

Bursting with experience, passion and exceptional creative skills in design, copywriting and photography, myself and a small team back this up with the latest in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and programming skills. Together we create elegant but effective websites that hit the internet fully formed for the biggest impact.

If you’re searching for the right team who can create a beautiful website that becomes the cornerstone of your business online then get in touch and let us help you take off!


The website starter kit:

All you need to get a great looking website that raises both your business profile and revenue. If you need more, add more, only if and when you need it, keeping the initial costs to an absolute minimum while you dip your toe and test the web’s waters!

  • Domain Name Registration

This is the address of your new home on the internet. We give you plain speaking advice on all you need to know on how to choose this (i.e .com or What if your chosen name isn’t available? etc.), then once you’re satisfied we will register this for you.

  • Business Email Address

Once we’ve set up your domain name then we can create an  email address that is tailored to your business, so instead of [email protected] you can have the far more professional [email protected] instead!

  • Choose a Design

We look at your business and the message or feel that you want to convey and create a website that reflects this. If you already have a brand then we will work that into the website’s design. If you don’t yet have a brand (a ‘Brand’ is basically how your customers percieve your business and is made up of many different elements such as your logo, colour scheme and reputation etc.) then we can help you create one.

Once all this has been decided on my promptly set about creating a website that works and looks great on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you need a brand or want to refresh the one you already have then we can help with that too. Take a look at our BRANDING SERVICE

  • Content and Visual Elements

These can be photos, customer testimonials and copywriting, links to your social media accounts, video or contact form. Good quality copywriting, graphics and photography really help to sell a product or elevate your customers perception of you and your brand. If you’d like to take your business to the next level then we’re there for you, just visit our photography or graphic design page. If you need help with writen content that helps to describe your services or drive up sales then just let us know and we can discuss your options. If you provide your own then we edit and proof read for errors free of charge.

  • Essential SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Most DIY or cheap website services will not include this most important feature but without it your website will almost certainly not be found very easily.

While your business may be the only one offering a particular service in your area if you have not performed any SEO on your website then the search engines Google, Bing etc. will most likely recommend another business that does have SEO over yours, even though they may be geographically very distant from you.

Included in the website starter kit is the essential elements of SEO that will ensure your business is found for your chosen field of expertise or subject and the geographical area that you want to target and we will provide you with a clear stratagy and plain-english advice as to how you can continue to improve your websites ranking on the major search engines.

  • Hosting

A complicated but essential part of owning a website is finding somewhere to place your website and all of its information. To use the house analogy once more, this is the land you build on and as such you have to pay a small amount of ground rent. As part of the website starter kit we source and set-up your website with a  reliable hosting provider and you pay them directly on an anual or monthly basis.

  • Ready to Launch!

Just like a new building we invite you to check the website and create a snag list of any changes that you would like made and we will tweak and adjust until you’re satisfied with the results. From this point on we can hand the website over to you with clear instructions on how to maintain it (like an actual highstreet premises, websites need to be maintained to ensure they are still secure and that the ‘fixtures and fittings’ continue to work correctly) and make the information updates that any growing business will need to make from time to time or for a small monthly fee we can maintain it all for you.

  • Aftercare

In addition to our maintenance service you may find that your website needs to grow requiring further pages or extra functionality such as galleries or an online shopping facility. It’s all good – we can do this too, we even offer a handsome discount to you as an existing customer.

Nick Lewis