Equine Photography

Subjects include horse and horse & rider portraits shot on various locations throughout Northern Ireland. Please contact me for quotes, my reduced rates for group bookings or to discuss your ideas.

My interest in equine photography has developed in tandem with my own daughters interest in this field. A very accomplished rider and trainer in her own right she now works alongside me on many of my commissioned horse shoots as assistant and extremely competent wrangler. 

Coming from the city and having very little contact with horses I was surprised at how intelligent they are and find their social behaviour in particular fascinating. Horses are pack animals and are very sensitive to hierachy within the pack. If an owner fails to identify and adhere to this hierachy ie. by feeding a lower status horse before a higher one, this can result in poor behaviour from the animal.

While I find horses very interesting, and have actually tried to ride them on more than one occassion, I’ve come to realise that I don’t have the same passion as many horse keepers and rider do. You either have it or you don’t.

I’m happy to photograph them and marvel at their beguling beauty and sometimes mysterious nature.



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