Crumbs from the Clowns Table

What is a PA system

NEED to KNOW: What is a PA System?

When you first start performing you’ll quickly learn that sound plays an important part in how well your performance is received. If you want your voice or instrument to be […]

The Price of Upselling

Repeat business is a gift. Your client knows your product (In my case it’s my act ) likes it, enough to come back, and knows your price. Or, perhaps your […]

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Roll Up! Roll Up!

Here I share the highs and lows as I struggle to make a living from my creative passions and offer advice and insights from my journey in the hope that you too can leave the 'Circus' behind.

Nick Lewis is a professional Children's Entertainer, Kids Caricaturist and incurable Creative Entrepreneur on the search for the perfect Side Hustle.