New for 2018 – ‘PWKA’!

comedian ni

Nick brings his latest creation ‘PWKA’ to life with a show that guarantees to bring a fresh phase of comedy to the streets and stages of the UK and Ireland North and South.

The ‘PWKA’, (POO-ka) is a mischievous imp found in Welsh folklore but can be recognised in regional variations around the world. Nick’s latest character takes the name and spirit of the ‘Pwka’ to create a show that is both charming and full of cheeky trickery. The show employs sound and physical comedy to great effect adding a welcome twist to contemporary clowning and the tradition of street theatre.

Nick Lewis has over thirty years experience performing, devising and producing comedy, drama and live entertainment for audiences across the UK and Ireland.

Currently one of Northern Ireland's favourite family entertainers, Nick performs in both theatre and street spaces and is a regular on the family festival scene.

Originally hailing from Cardiff, South Wales Nick is a performance graduate of Coleg Harlech, University of Wales and Goldsmiths College, London where he specialised in experimental European theatre. Now based in Belfast, Nick is recognised as a 'Clown expert,' by BBC N.I. and since 2000 he has honed his own personal form of comedy, taking family entertainment to a new level with his 'Suitcase Sideshow'.


Tech Specifications

Style: Clown, comedy magic, improvisation.

Language: English or silent/mime.

Audience: 3 years old and up.

Length of performance: up to 50 minutes.

Shows per day: up to 4 shows.

Members: 1 (one man show)

Performance area: minimum size area of 3×3 metres

Load in time: 5 minutes

Load out: 10 minutes