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Thank you for visiting my website…I’m a portrait photographer, originally from South Wales but now based in Belfast with close ties to Newry, County Down.

I am fascinated by people from all walks of life and so naturally I am first and foremost a Portrait Photographer. From corporate profile photos and actor’s headshots to family and group photo shoots I relish the opportunity to capture technically perfect images that are fresh and engaging.

As an extension to this I am also an accomplished Equine and Pet Photographer and, just as I do with people portraiture, enjoy the technical challenges in the pursuit of capturing the character, spirit and beauty of these fascinating animals that live so close to us.

The Process

Initially I like to chat to a client to learn a little about them and their expectations, hopes and fears surrounding the process and final results. Based on our discussion we agree to meet at a place and time for the photo shoot that may last an hour, half day or full day duration, whatever suits the clients requirements.

When I arrive at the location I either set up a portable studio or I shoot the individual (or animal) in their natural environment using natural light, artificial light or a combination of both based on what’s best for the final image. 

Shortly after the photo session I edit and process the images and then either arrange another meeting or skype/phone call to discuss the final results and printing or usage options.


Always a frustrated artist I initially took up the camera as a teenager looking for a short cut to create the kind of images that my late father (himself an artist) so effortlessly seemed to make using a paintbrush and watercolour. After leaving school in the late 80’s I went on to study photography in Manchester and upon leaving became a jobing freelancer taking on a range of commissions shooting everything from food photography and actor’s head shots to covering live music, state visits and cultural events.

During the early 90’s when photography was moving from film to digital I took a break from freelancing and spent some time travelling around the UK and Ireland earning money as a cook and live caricaturist as I went. Tired of the nomadic lifestyle I eventually settled down and studied drama at Goldsmiths College, London going on to develop my one man show as ‘Louie the Entertainer’ and then later moving to Northern Ireland with my partner where we started a small family that has since expanded considerably from two wonderful children to the inclusion of three Jack Russell dogs, two horses and one pony!

While performing had been (and continues to be) incredibly rewarding my interest in photography had never waned and so, bit by bit, I started to re-build my equipment and take on small jobs for friends and family until eventually I found a job teaching photography and darkroom techniques at a youth club in Newry. However, it was only through my daughters interest in horses and horse riding, and my attempts to capture the spirit of theses magnificent animals and our relationships to them that I really rediscovered my passion for photography and it’s ability to catch and transform fragments of our lives and the world around us.

These days I shoot largely in the digital format, working on location and frequently use artificial light to sculpt my portraits and accentuate form, to this end most of my studio equipment is completely portable.

My principle interests are in studio and environmental portraiture and animal & equine studies but I am very receptive to discuss any projects beyond this.

I accept private commissions from all over Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland  and I’d love to hear your ideas.

For more information please call or fill out the form below with the details of your request.